TED Talks James Nachtwey: Dokumentation des Krieges

Accepting his 2007 TED Prize, photojournalist James Nachtwey talks about his decades as a war photographer. A slideshow of his photos, beginning in 1981 in Northern Ireland, reveal two parallel themes in his work. First, as he says: „The frontlines of contemporary wars are right where people live.“ Street violence, famine, disease: he has photographed […]

Lunch over IP: Great speech after great speech — for free

One is a novelty. Two are a coincidence. But three (and possibly in a few hours, four) make for a trend. So there is a new trend: exclusive, often expensive, high-level conferences that give away world-class speeches for free as online videos. Not just live videostreams and archives — that has been the case for […]

Woher kommt der ganze SPAM?

Gerhard weiß es jetzt. Eine wunderbar unnütze Pluginspielerei. Schön! Was macht Comments-Map bzw. meine Version, die SPAM-Map? 1. es zeichenet eine google-maps Karte 2. es setzt Pointer auf die Karte 3. Jeder Pointer ist einem Land zugeordnet, aus dem Kommentar SPAM bei mir landet und also SPAM in WP gekennzeichnet ist 4. mehr nicht. Toll […]