ein wenig Lektüre für den Volunity Start

Gerade noch ein bisschen Literatur gefunden. Wie wird man ein guter Host 🙂

If you decide that you are ready to get started, keep in mind that online communities are quite a bit like college parties—you’re inviting a bunch of people you don’t know into your house, and that poses a series of challenges. If you don’t get the word out, you may be the only one there. If you’re not properly organized, your guests will leave before they’ve even introduced themselves. If you don’t keep on top of the party, inebriated strangers may bully your invited guests or trash your living room.


Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law

Kann sein, das ich das hier schon mal gebloggt habe, Christian hat mir das geschickt 🙂

Larry Lessig gets TEDsters to their feet, whooping and whistling, following this elegant presentation of three stories and an argument. The Net’s most adored lawyer brings together John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights, and the „ASCAP cartel“ to build a case for creative freedom. He pins down the key shortcomings of our dusty, pre-digital intellectual property laws, and reveals how bad laws beget bad code. Then, in an homage to cutting-edge artistry, he throws in some of the most hilarious remixes you’ve ever seen.

TED | Talks | Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law (video)