Monat: Januar 2017

  • Blood – Slipeinlagen Werbung – Blutig und gut

    Don’t let your period hold you back no matter who you are. Periods shouldn’t stop us from keeping fit. MEHR ANZEIGEN

  • Volkswagen resurrects the Kombi as an AWD, autonomous electric minibus

    We’re hoping VW pulls through and builds this modern microbus(Credit: Scott Collie/New Atlas)VIEW GALLERY – 28 IMAGESElectric is the big focus for Volkswagen right now, as it gears up for a serious push into EVs beginning in 2020. This I.D. Buzz minibus shows us what we might be in for – including a modular, convertible cabin, […]

  • „Maybe..“

    Schönes Storytelling – „Maybe“ von jgrey ( „Lost in his thoughts, a man is joined at the bus stop by a young woman. As his imagination runs wild, he can’t help but wonder: maybe she’s the girl of his dreams… “