Ask The Fruitcake Lady

Marie Rudisill, (March 13, 1911 – November 3, 2006), also known as the Fruitcake Lady, was a writer and television personality, best known as the nonagenarian woman who appeared in the „Ask the Fruitcake Lady“ segments on The Tonight Show on American television. She was an aunt to novelist Truman Capote (his mother, Lillie Mae Faulk, was her elder sister). Rudisill helped to raise Capote, who lived with her at times during his childhood, both in Alabama and New York City.

Viewer: My husband wants a new tool set for Christmas, but I know he won’t use it and it’ll just be a waste of money. What else can I give him that will make him happy?
Rudisill: Well, I should say it’d be to your benefit to give him sex. It’d be a lot cheaper for you to do that. I mean, why not? You — I would, because even if you give him the other thing, then he’s still going to come back for sex, you see. So just give him sex to begin with, and you don’t have to buy the other thing. Go with the sex.