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TED | Jan Chipchase: Our cell phones, ourselves

Was Jan Chipchase da erzählt ist eigentlich … klar.

Welche 3 Dinge sind für mich essenziell wenn ich aus dem Haus gehe?

  1. Schlüssel
  2. Geldbeutel (momentan nicht, da geklaut)
  3. Handy

Es geht nicht nur mir so. Es geht praktisch jedem so. Sogar in der selben Reihenfolge. Warum das so ist? Chipchase formuliert eine smarte Antwort.

Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase’s investigation into the ways we interact with technology has led him from the villages of Uganda to the insides of our pockets. Along the way, he’s made some unexpected discoveries: about the novel ways illiterate people interface with their cellphones, or the role the cellphone can sometimes play in commerce, or the deep emotional bonds we all seem to share with our phones. And watch for his surefire trick to keep you from misplacing your keys.

TED | Talks | Jan Chipchase: Our cell phones, ourselves

Camouflage Concept – Der ungefilterte Kaufentscheid

Camouflage Concept – Der ungefilterte Kaufentscheid

The marketing of the future

Classical media are struggling today with their decreasing
acceptance. The creation of an image and publicity alone are insufficient.
Above the line, below the line, on-line or off-line:
linear thinking is obsolete. The Camouflage concept focuses on the
consumer and fulfils a promise to the consumer regarding the brand
where it can be felt: at the point of sale.

Conventional advertising methods use only audio-visual media to
influence the shopping/voting decision of the consumers/voters. The
Camouflage concept uses chemical messengers, which can
directly manipulate human emotions. It expands the possibilities to
bias humans via a new channel that cannot be filtered by the brain.

Newest insights from human biological research and endocrinology in
particular, are applied in these innovative advertising methods. Even
if all technical problems are not currently solved, the Camouflage
concept has great potential for marketing and other applications. It
will be extensively used in the near future.

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