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Climbing the Pyramid Of Nonprofit Technology Needs, Part 1 of 2 | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Ein Sehr interessanter Artikel über Organisationsaufbau für Nonprofits.


Hat tip to Sonny Cloward for suggesting that nonprofits should have a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs when it came to implementing nonprofit technology. It was in response to Tweets I made last month stating that social media has been oversold to nonprofits and that they really needed to concentrate on their Web site first. I’m going to circle back to my thinking on social media in the second part of this article. However, it’s high time that a Maslovian hierarchy of nonprofit technology is written for someone who is looking to improve their small (under $5 million in revenue) nonprofit.

via Climbing the Pyramid Of Nonprofit Technology Needs, Part 1 of 2 | Non-Profit Tech Blog.

activeCollab 1.0: bad Plans and high Prices – bye bye AC, hello Projectpier?

activeCollab 1.0: Plans and Prices

With the launch of v1.0 activeCollab, two different „flavors“ will be available depending on what you need – activeCollab for businesses and activeCollab Lite for small, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Well its a bit of a pity. With the promise „we will always offer a free version for non-profits“ they kept me (as well as many others) interested, reading the blogs feed and subscribing their launch notification mail. Now, reading the latest blog post i get the clue: the promise was just that. Keeping the audience until the product is ready for sale. What Ilija Studen and ActiveCollab is offering Nonprofits is a crippled version that is hardly usable.

Bye Bye AC, Hello Projectpier? (atm: Yes.)