____ R.I.P. – A tribute to web 1.0 ____

A millennium ago the web was made of static websites with flashy ‘Click Here’ .gif files optimized for windows 95 on a 36k modem. These sites had no AJAX techniques, profiles, blogs, let alone an option to comment. The internet was a place to look around, instead of interaction.

Now – a whopping 61,352 hours later – it’s hard to believe on how we could spend our time online without updating our profiles, downloading the newest Prison Break episode, uploading Flickr photo’s, filling our ipod with iTunes songs and reading the latest Google news.

Let’s go back into history and check out what happened to the websites that were ‘hot’ back then. Are there still pieces alive of the old web, or have these sites become an useless appendix?

YvoSchaap.com – R.I.P. – A tribute to web 1.0