activeCollab 1.0: bad Plans and high Prices – bye bye AC, hello Projectpier?

activeCollab 1.0: Plans and Prices

With the launch of v1.0 activeCollab, two different „flavors“ will be available depending on what you need – activeCollab for businesses and activeCollab Lite for small, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Well its a bit of a pity. With the promise „we will always offer a free version for non-profits“ they kept me (as well as many others) interested, reading the blogs feed and subscribing their launch notification mail. Now, reading the latest blog post i get the clue: the promise was just that. Keeping the audience until the product is ready for sale. What Ilija Studen and ActiveCollab is offering Nonprofits is a crippled version that is hardly usable.

Bye Bye AC, Hello Projectpier? (atm: Yes.)