Nonprofit tech blog about proper NGO websites

Nonprofit tech blog published a nice Blog entry about some small things, standards for web design Nonprofits should bother having on their web presence. You can read the post here.
And heres my comment about it:
All in all, NGOs should consider using one of the plenty available OpenSource CMSes out there. I did so for my NGO ( We are at PR 5 and google lists us pretty well on some relevant keywords. Thanks to Drupal (

One thing – at least here in germany – is also to be bettered among NGO folks and their behavior with their websites, in my opinion: People here tend to not catch up stories from other organisations and link to them. So most NGO sites are solitaires on their own, not willing to link to one another. Seems a bit odd to me since this is quite an antisocial behavior among NGOs.

Also Publishing content is a very good promotion for a NGO. Since we are a nonprofit its easy for us to Publish CC-lizensed photos on flickr and videos on youtube which surely grabs some eyes and attention for our website. NGOs which are actively publishing are rare – at least in Germany, today.