Währungen für Social Networks – entwicklung von Drupal API’s

Das wird eine Innovation. Das Modul an sich ist eigentlich überhaupt nicht von Bedeutung. Aber das Prinzip, welches dahinter steckt ist mächtig.

There are many perceived problems with the state controlled currencies that most of us think of as ‚money‘. Many times in history, especially turbulent times, communities have issued their own currencies. In the 1980s Michael Linton designed LETS, a system of exchange for a community to trade without conventional money. Today there are many communities trading with ‚complementary‘ currencies, but no really compelling software to support them. Bazaar is a Drupal recipe, module and API for existing and new alternative currency projects, based on a flexible interpretation of LETS.

This project plans to build on two new APIs to deliver functionality to Drupal, and to equip an existing trading community with it.

The GSoC grant would cover the first phase of a roadmap spanning three phases. This first phase requires a currency Type and the means to trade it and view accounts. It also requires a directory of offers/wants, with automated categorisation and basic accounting tools. This would already be more functional than systems running most existing LETS schemes, and lots of groundwork will be done towards future phases, such as leaving hooks for dependent transactions, and having multiple currencies ready in all but configuration options.

Ian Russell, the applicant, is studying Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies masters at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, UK. Ian has been actively involved in the creation and running of various grassroots community projects in various parts of the country. He has helped set up food buying co-operatives, allotment share, housing co-operatives, and social forums. He is currently working on a Drupal based project for a parrot rescue charity.

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